Have you experienced all the THREE types of female orgasm? - A-Spot Orgasm

After reading the clitoral climax and G-spot climax introduced in the previous two blog posts, how much have you learned? Have you tried each one with your close love?

Today, we come to the last orgasm of the three major orgasms for girls – A-Spot orgasm.

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What is A-Spot?

A-Spot is short for Anterior Fornix Erogenous Zone. It is a short seam between the cervix and the vagina. "A-Spot" is behind point G. It is difficult to touch directly because the position is relatively close. A-Spot is a noun proposed by sex expert CHUA CHEE ANN. CHUA CHEE ANN introduced what she called the AFE zone (anterior fornix sensitive zone), which is a soft area inside the anterior wall of the vagina. When a woman complained to CHUA about the pain of sexual life, he found: The site will completely liberate the female body. "According to Dr. BEVERLY WHIPPLE, an English translator for the results of the CHUA study, during the research team's study, stimulating A-Spot made women wet within 10 seconds, and at the same time it was very quickly enter orgasm.

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Does A-Spot really exist?

Its existence is a bit like urban legend, even many sexology experts are skeptical. Some experts, such as Yvonne K. Fulbright, a doctor of sexuality, believe that stimulating A-Spot can reach the climax of "longer time". But not every sexologist thinks so.

Mary Jane Minkin, a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Yale University, said: "Anatomically, there is no evidence of the existence of A-Spot." But she still admits that the vagina is a very mysterious organ, and some areas are more mysterious than others. Sensitive, but she doesn't know which area can create a longer orgasm length.

However, Leah Millheiser, director of the Center for Women's Sexuality at Stanford University, has another theory. She believes that the deep pleasure is actually from the cervix about 7-15 cm deep from the vaginal opening, not the anterior vaginal wall. In the cervix, there are a large number of nerve fibers, and when stimulated, there will be a strong orgasm.

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Dr. Cai Zhian, a sexologist from Ipoh, Malaysia, has spent 4 years studying women's A-Spot in 271 women. As long as the A-Spot in the woman's vagina is found, their sexual desire will be as short as 5-10 Provoked within seconds. The so-called A-Spot refers to the sensitive area on the vaginal wall that is a little away from the cervix, which is the anterior fornix that promotes sexual desire in the vagina. The G point that men and women talk about is just before the A point, near the cervix. It is such a little gap that brings a completely different pleasure to women.

A-Spot was ignored in the past because it was more secretive than point G. When the vagina is not fully excited, A-Spot is not obvious and it is difficult to touch it with your hands. Only after stimulating the G spot for a period of time can the deeper A spot be lifted out of his head. The discovery of A-Spot raised the sexual experience between partners to a whole new level.

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Optimal position for stimulating A-Spot

The A point itself does not cause a strong pleasure, but it is the switch that can quickly make you wet below! Once A-Spot is touched, the brain will provoke a series of reactions to instantly arouse your sexual desire and speed up the climax of the girl!

The following will introduce 4 A-Spot positions, which will definitely make you a big step closer to A-point climax! !!

  1. Standing rear entry

Standing with the other half to let the boy enter the girl from behind, the girl can hold the wall or door and raise her butt as high as possible, so that he can go deeper into the honeypot and hit A-Spot! This standing rear entry can make boys hit more violently. At the same time, touching A-Spot deeply will make girls more eager for the thrill of being filled with honey by the boys. After a while, they will definitely hit the soft orgasms of girls' legs!

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  1. Improved Missionary Position

Girls first raise their legs to let the partner come in. High-angle entry can more easily touch A-Spot. At the same time, girls can also caress the clitoris when the partner sprints, so that the pleasure will be doubled! If your legs are struggling to lift, you can try to put a pillow under the girl's buttocks, so that you can straighten the heart.

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  1. Doggy Style

The dog climbing style is known as the god position that can make the penis the deepest! In addition to rubbing to G-Spot, this position can also stimulate A-Spot in depth! Support your body with your hand and align the hole with the penis, to make it easier for the boy to enter the hole, and to raise the butt to make it easier for the boy to come in and directly hit the inside. At this time, you can put your feet together and put them in the middle of each other to create a super compact sister! At the same time, girls can also do Kegel exercises in the process, not only do more and more tightly, in the process of love and let go, let each other feel like being sucked by the vaginal wall, both sides enjoy more advanced pleasure.

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  1. Cowgirl position

Because stimulating A-Spot can make women's honey flow everywhere, you can use A-Spot to let women "turn on" during foreplay. After both sides are ready, use the position of female to male to feel the violent probe of the male. To the deepest feeling! The female superior can let the girls control the frequency of insertion and insertion, and control the depth and angle of the penis. When you love, you can tilt your body back slightly and try to swing back and forth to enjoy the penis filling and piston movement. In addition to the thrill, girls can find A-Spot on their own to keep their honey flowing.

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What if I don’t have a partner or my partner is not around for a while?

If the girl doesn’t have a partner, you can also explore through curvy sex toys. Put the toy in the pussy hole and slowly push it forward so that the toy is firmly against the cervix. At this time, you can press or rub gently. It will definitely make girls comfortable and instantly wet into a waterfall. However, remember to use sex toys to explore A-Spot, you must use enough lubricants. Lubricants can avoid friction and injury, and can also help girls find wet or smooth secret points.

A-Spot Orgasm on Sexy Peacock - Your Only Adult Shop

Hopes you can explore the three major climaxes of girls with your partner and the sensitive areas outside the climax point. Never look for a climax, ignore other sensitive bands of your partner, foreplay caress or spiritual needs. We must keep in mind that sex is the sublimation of relationships between partners, but a little bit of life with partners can make each other go further and love each other.