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  • Have you experienced all the THREE types of female orgasm? - A-Spot Orgasm

    After reading the clitoral climax and G-spot climax introduced in the previous two blog posts, how much have you learned? Have you tried each one with your close love?

    Today, we come to the last orgasm of the three major orgasms for girls – A-Spot orgasm.

    Hopes you can explore the three major climaxes of girls with your partner and the sensitive areas outside the climax point. Never look for a climax, ignore other sensitive bands of your partner, foreplay caress or spiritual needs. We must keep in mind that sex is the sublimation of relationships between partners, but a little bit of life with partners can make each other go further and love each other.
  • Have you experienced all the THREE types of female orgasm? - G-Spot Orgasm

    In the previous article, we introduced the clitoris orgasm, one of the three orgasms for women. Today, we are going to introduce the climax of G spot.

    G-Spot is the switch of orgasm during female sex. Developing G-spot can make the orgasm feel stronger, even as if it is going to explode! I

    Hopes everyone knows today that orgasm is only a part of enjoyment, not all. Please enjoy your time with your partner.

    Sexy Peacock - Enjoy Our Time!!


  • Have you experienced all the THREE types of female orgasm? - Clitoris orgasm

    Many guys do not understand how to make girls orgasm. However, before we can make women reach orgasm. The first thing to know is what kind of orgasm women have. In general, women have three types of orgasms including the clitoris, G spot, and A spot (cervix).

    And what we need to know today is the clitoris orgasm.

    Hope that today's sharing will help you to caress your female companions, bring girls unprecedented excitement, and reach the top of the climax.

    Sexy Peacock - Enjoy Our Time!!