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In the morning, "he" will be hard. When going to the toilet, "he" will swell slightly. Most of the time, "He" is soft and relatively small, but when it is needed, it is a heroic correction. "He" is your dick – the male reproductive system.

The male reproductive system is composed of many male reproductive organs or tissues and is related to human reproduction. Some are outside the body and some are inside the pelvic cavity.

The main sex organs in men are the testicles that make sperm, and the penis that secretes semen. When intercourse with women, sperm can fertilize the egg cells in women and the fertilized eggs will develop into a fetus.

The male reproductive system can be divided into external and internal reproductive systems. The external reproductive system includes the penis and scrotum, and the internal reproductive system includes epididymis, vas deferens and seminal vesicles, prostate, urethral glands and other tissues.


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External reproductive system


The penis is composed of three main parts: the root, the body, and the epithelium to cover the glans, which includes the skin and foreskin on both sides of the body. The main body of the penis consists of two corpora cavernosa located on the dorsal side and one corpus cavernosa located on the ventral side. The urethra passes through the prostate connected to the ejaculation duct and the cavernous body of the penis, and finally reaches the outer urethra, which is located at the tip of the penis glans. The above path is the main channel for urination and ejaculation.



Corpus cavernosum penis

It has the same structure as the sponge and has many small holes (sponge bodies), but unlike the sponge, the cavernous body has a cavernous artery, which is the last small branch of the genital artery. It usually curls. After sexual stimulation, in a short time, the inner body relaxes and quickly congests, injects blood into the cavernous body, and temporarily closes the veins to prevent blood from returning. It stops until the pressure rises to a certain limit. At this time, the penile sponge body filled with blood will support the penis, which is the erection.



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It is located below the penis, between the penis and the anus. It is surrounded by skin and smooth muscle, and contains testicles (separated in two chambers). Generally there will be a lower testicle to avoid collisions with each other when squeezed. In the middle of the scrotum, there is a structure that is slightly protruding in the vertical direction. It is located on the periphery of the scrotal diaphragm and is called the perineal suture. The perineal suture extends from below the penis and back to the back of the scrotum. The scrotum includes extrafacial fascia, testis, epididymis, and vas deferens. The scrotum is an extension of the perineum and also contains some tissues, including the testicular arteries, testicular veins, and venous plexus. In humans and other mammals, pubic hairs appear outside the scrotum when adolescents develop. If the penis is erect or the temperature of the scrotum is low, the scrotum will shrink.

Physiologically, the scrotum and female labia majora are homologous tissues

One of the functions of the scrotum is to make the temperature of the testicles slightly lower than the body temperature. The human scrotum temperature is about 35-36 ° C (95-96.8 ° F), which is about one or two degrees lower than the 37 ° C (98.6 ° F) temperature scale. Higher temperatures may affect reduced sperm count. The scrotum controls the testicular temperature by the contraction and relaxation of the subcutaneous tissue and cremaster muscle of the darto fascia: When the ambient temperature becomes cold, the testicle is moved by the scrotum closer to the lower abdomen; Move away from the lower abdomen and increase the exposed surface area to speed up heat dissipation. The appearance of the scrotum extends from contraction to relaxation.

Another function of the scrotum is to protect the testes from the pressure of the abdominal cavity.

The scaling of the abdominal muscles and the increase or decrease in intra-abdominal pressure can often raise or lower the position of the testes in the scrotum. Some people can do Kegel exercises by tightening the muscles of the anus and pelvic floor in the same way.

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The medical name of the glans is the head of the penis. Its English translation is Glans, which is from Latin. The original meaning is oak fruit acorn, which is named after the acorn because of its round shape. Coincidentally, in Chinese, the name "Glanshead" is also named for its image. The glans literally means the head of a tortoise. For example, when a turtle extends its head, the neck is long and the skin is wrinkled. The whole looks like a human penis. Sometimes the glans actually refers to the turtle head.

The rear end of the glans is a "coronal sulcus". The residual urine after urination may accumulate between the glans and the foreskin, allowing the substances in the urine to settle and produce urine scales. The environment is suitable for bacteria and fungus growth. Wash the inside of the foreskin and the glans, keep the genitals clean, and avoid inducing foreskin balanitis and other diseases.

The secretion of sebaceous glands inside the foreskin contains bacteriolytic ingredients, which can resist harmful bacteria and protect the glans. If washed too frequently, it can also cause inflammation.

Hirsuties papillaris genitalis

Also known as pearly penile pimple, penile pearly pimple, pearly penile papules, hairy papilloma of the penis, coronary sulcus or glans pimples, also known by scholars as hairy penis or papillary penis. At present, most scholars believe that this is a normal physiological variation, so it will not affect health, and will not be infected and transmitted through sexual intercourse.



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Fordyce Spots

Also called sebaceous glands, is an ectopic hyperplasia of sebaceous glands. It is a completely benign symptom. It is produced by the body in a natural state and belongs to the individual's physique. Small protrusions present on the surface. Although some people think that this may be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease or cancer, the term inference is not consistent with the actual situation.


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Internal Reproductive system


The epididymis is an organ made up of many tortuous, small tubes. One side is connected to the vas deferens (Ductus deferens) and the other is connected to the testis. When the sperm leaves the testes, they run into the paratestis and continue to mature.

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Vas deferens

It is a pair of 30-50 cm long sperm-conveying ducts composed of small wall-thick muscles. It rises from the lower end of the epididymis, rises from the scrotum, passes through the inguinal canal and enters the pelvic cavity, and its end meets the excretory ducts of the seminal vesicle glands. Synthetic ejaculation tube, which opens in the prostate portion of the urethra; it is a continuation of the epididymal tube and is responsible for transporting sperm to the ejaculation tube.


Seminal vesicle

The function is to provide and store the secretion of semen. It contains mucus, fructose (sperm energy), agglutinating enzyme, ascorbic acid, and prostaglandin, but does not store sperm.

About 60% of the semen comes from this. In addition, the secretions of the urethral and prostatic glands account for about 30%.



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Prostate is an exocrine gland. It is homologous to the female Schone's gland. The size of a healthy prostate is slightly larger than that of walnuts. It is located at the bottom of the pelvic cavity—below the neck of the bladder and above the urethra; behind the pubic bone and before the rectum, it surrounds the bladder and urethral junction.

The main function of the prostate is to store prostate fluid. There is a certain amount of prostate fluid in the prostate gland duct. Prostate fluid can be mixed with sperm to form semen. The semen contains sperm and liquid. About 10-30% of this liquid is made by the prostate. The prostate body also contains smooth muscle tissue to help ejaculate.


Urethral glands ( Bulbourethral gland ), also known as Cowper gland

It is the smallest gland of the three accessory glands. A pair of soybean-sized, dark-colored glands located within the deep transverse muscles of the perineum. Each gland has an elongated drainage tube that opens into the urethra. During sexual excitement and penile erections, urethral glandular secretions can enter the urethra. When sexual excitement begins and ejaculation has not yet occurred, egg white-like transparent secretions that have appeared at the urethra are urethral glandular secretions (pre-ejaculation fluid), which are often mistaken for semen (because it is the same color as ejaculation). The secretion has the function of lubricating the urethra and glans, and is also one of the components that make up the seminal plasma. Sometimes a small amount of semen and sperm are mixed in the urethral glandular fluid, which can cause pregnancy in unexpected situations.

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Today we introduce more parts of the male reproductive system. I hope everyone knows more about him. "He" is not just a pipe, a sack, two eggs. Knowing more "he" can help men maintain their private parts.



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