Have you experienced all the THREE types of female orgasm? - Clitoris orgasm

Many guys do not understand how to make girls orgasm. However, before we can make women reach orgasm. The first thing to know is what kind of orgasm women have. In general, women have three types of orgasms including the clitoris, G spot, and A spot (cervix).

And what we need to know today is the clitoris orgasm.

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The clitoris is where the two labia minora meet at the front of the vulva. The visible part of the clitoris is the head of the clitoris. Its general shape and size are similar to peas, ranging from about 6-25 mm in length. The erection also varies in size. The female clitoral head and male penis glans are homologous organs and can also erect. Although the glans of the penis is much larger than the clitoris, the nerve endings of both are the same, so the density of nerve endings of the clitoris is 2-3 times higher than that of the glans of the penis. The clitoris is spread over more than 8,000 nerves and is very sensitive. It can become congested and enlarged during sexual excitement. We usually use our fingers or the tip of our tongue to stimulate the clitoris. Collisions during insertion can also stimulate the clitoris.

According to Elisabeth Lloyd, a professor of biology at Indiana University, only 24% of women are very lucky to reach orgasm without clitoral stimulation. American sex therapist Vanessa Marin said that as long as we stimulate it with the help of hands or tongue, the clitoris can enjoy supreme pleasure.

Cunnilingus is a part of sex that is very enjoyable for girls, just like boys like to be contained. When having sex, she also expected the clitoris to reach orgasm. Many girls can get pleasure by stimulating the clitoris! Many girls also know the feeling of orgasm. It is not that difficult to get an orgasm.

Getting Ready

Boy: The beard must be shaved. The face, mouth, and even the entire person must be cleaned. Your lady doesn't like dirty partners to touch her
Girl: The genitals and even the entire person should be cleaned. You also don't want your partner to lick your urine or dirt on your body.

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How to make the clitoris orgasm

  1. The most important thing at the beginning is to gently and carefully remove the foreskin

The clitoris is a very delicate and elegant organ. Because the nerves are condensed here, if they are usually exposed, the stimulation will be too strong. Do not suddenly pull this foreskin with your fingers! The delicate and elegant clitoris immediately shrinks and retreats into it. Just start stroking carefully from outside the panties! There is a layer of buffer in the middle, which can be moderately stimulated. If she is completely naked and you want to touch directly, be sure to start on the foreskin. Using pressure, the entire tablet is rubbed to stimulate the clitoris. After the clitoris swells slightly, place your fingers over the clitoris (ventral side) and gently pull the whole apart. The tip of the clitoris will be exposed. Just touch it here. She will be penetrated by pleasure. It is best to apply some saliva or lubricating fluid, because it is difficult to have love fluid in the beginning. This allows the other party to start entering the situation. Directly peeling off the foreskin and touching the clitoris is a taboo!

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  1. The clitoris likes to be moist. Anxious her with “love fluid”

When you face the front of the clitoris, please step up to a more cautious level. The clitoris hates being suddenly touched with a strong force, and it cannot be rubbed dry. There are many methods available, such as moistening your fingertips with saliva or lubricating fluid. You can actually start by touching around the labia, and slowly extend it to shake the clitoral foreskin (don't touch the clitoris head at this moment), shake the source of the clitoris to the area surround it, and the pleasure will spread slowly. But don't rub hard, let her relax and touch her like a massage. After she gets wet, use your fingers to gently pick up a little love liquid, smear the clitoral head, and then slowly draw a circle on the clitoral head with love liquid to ensure that your female partner's clitoris will begin to expand gradually.

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  1. Touch the clitoris with your finger, the key is how gentle you are

The finale role of caressing the clitoris is still at the fingertips. This test how delicate and lively your fingertips are to leads to her climax. Again, the clitoral head is 2-3 times more sensitive than the glans, so it must be treated more gently to reach orgasm. Many people just because of too much force, it would be a pity to recalculate the feelings that were accumulated earlier. In fact, what really works for women is to touch gently. If the clitoris has been rubbed hard, the woman will never have an orgasm. When you want to flick the clitoris, remember the strength at this time. If you gently tap with your fingertips, the clitoris will soon feel. Gently pressing on the same fingertips and rotating and rubbing repeatedly will be a good practice for the clitoral head. Imagine that you are operating the middle wheel of a computer mouse. It is not "pressing desperately", but "turning gently" to be more effective.

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  1. Licking and kissing the clitoris in a soothing mood

The clitoris is very resistant to dry rubbing, so caressing with a moist tongue is a good idea. However, human tongues cannot rotate so dexterously, and they also have to maintain a fixed rhythm and rotate for a long time, which is really tiring. It is better to caress for such a small organ like the clitoris for a long time. So don't stick to orgasm during oral sex, pamper her with a slow mood.

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Nevertheless, there is a way to cunnilingus. This is our "Eight  Movements of Sweet Tongue"


Step 1 – Circle around and increase the sense of anticipation

Don't lick the clitoris at the beginning. Slowly lick 3 times along the entire periphery of the pussy to increase the sense of expectation.

Step 2 – Lick the labia left and right

Slowly lick up from the vaginal opening and separate her labia with your tongue. The left labia and the right labia are licked 3 times each. You can also suck the labia during licking and pinch the labia to stimulate.

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Step 3 – Circle around the clitoris without intentionally touching the clitoris

Then, gradually reach the clitoris. Many people rub the clitoris rudely from the beginning. Because the clitoris is very sensitive, women do not like it from the start. In fact, the clitoris is covered with skin. You should start gently on the outside of the skin. From the foreskin, gently touch / circle. Use your tongue to make a large circle around the clitoris. Big circles slowly close to small circles. When you were about to lick the clitoris, you did not touch the clitoris intentionally, and your tongue turned into a large circle.

Step 4 – Stimulating the clitoris

If you do it right, the clitoris will grow bigger. At this time the clitoris will be exposed outside the skin. Only then do you use your tongue to gently lick the clitoris.Up and down, or circle. Because the clitoris is sensitive, using teeth are not recommended.

If the girl has a developed clitoris, you can lick it directly. If the clitoris of a girl is underdeveloped (very small), the clitoris is very sensitive, be sure to be gentle and gentle.

Those movements can be used repeatedly on the clitoris, labia, and vagina.

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Step 5 – Peel off the clitoris

You must carefully observe the woman's reaction. If the woman becomes very excited, then use your fingers to gently pull the skin next to the clitoris. After the clitoris is exposed, the exposed surface is very sensitive. You can only lick gently with the tip of your tongue.

Step 6 – Clitoris Sucking

Observe the woman's reaction again. If the woman becomes very excited, you can gently suck the entire clitoris into the mouth, or hold it in the mouth, or rotate to lick, and repeat these actions.

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Step 7 – Alternate clitoris and vaginal stimulation

At this time, if you want to know if the woman is wet underneath, you can put your tongue down to see. After you really get wet, you can lick the vagina from time to time. Lick the clitoris and vagina alternately. When licking the vagina, in order to avoid overlooking the clitoris, the nose can be placed on the clitoris. While licking the vagina, use the nose to gently stimulate the clitoris.

Step 8 – Speed up the stimulation on clitoris and reach orgasm

When you observe that the woman is about to orgasm, you can suck into the woman's clitoris. Inhalation can be coupled with rapid tongue up and down stimulation, and slowly increase the speed of tongue up and down. Licking for a while and sucking again, then continue to lick. The fast tongue speed also has a great chance to make the woman orgasm in the end.

Clitoris Orgasm on Sexy Peacock - Your Only Adult Shop

Hope that today's sharing will help you to caress your female companions, bring girls unprecedented excitement, and reach the top of the climax.